Why you should use Uppercut Deluxe for your 2017 fashion needs

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Hairstyling products have had a significant impact, say Wikipedia. We all care about the way we look, even if we pretend not to. We all strive to better ourselves in one way or another. Making ourselves look good, means a lot to us. That moment you catch a glimpse of yourself in the reflective shop window, as you’re walking to work. Realising you look fantastic, making you feel warm inside with happiness, resulting in a sly smile. It matters to others too. With your confidence set high, the way you look and feel about yourself will affect the way others portray you.


Men’s fashion is becoming an ever increasing marketplace. No longer are men just going out for a quick $5 haircut down the local barbers. What we have on top our heads matter. And this takes time and style to boost our moral. The people at Uppercut Deluxe know this more than anyone.

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Founded by childhood friends Luke Newman and Steve Purcell in 2009, this Australian born company has grown from strength to strength with the expanding male fashion market. With their love of surfing, skating and barbering they set out about revitalising the iconic 1950’s American hair styles. To reignite this style, they would end up crafting their own tools to suit their needs. After all, if you want something done right, you’ve got to do it yourself.


One of their most recent and popular products is the UK Beard Balm. Beard fashion is growing (pardon the pun) at a steady rate. The hipster beard trend is now becoming quite commonplace on the fashion streets of the world. But fashioning a beautiful beard is no easy process. As with the hair on top, styling a beard takes effort and requires maintenance. To get men looking their most manly requires some serious control. Luckily the experts at Uppercut Deluxe created Beard Balm. With its blend of shine and control, men all over the globe will be endlessly lathering, massaging & fondling their beards, leaving a beautifully nourished beard. Yet with the control to style it the way they wish.

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A fantastic product, that I personally use, is the jack of all trades – Matt Pomade. As the writer, I’ll briefly describe my hair, it’s a mess! Uncontrollable curls, that hide the fact that my hair is almost shoulder length. It’s not the greatest look to have when walking in for an interview. Yet using the water soluble Matt Pomade gives me the strength and control I need from my hair. Providing a natural matt medium hold allows the hair to look natural yet giving me the power to style the hair and give it some shape. Other hair care products I’ve used can feel heavy when applying. They can feel sticky and look unnatural. That’s the beauty of Uppercut Deluxe, you don’t know you’re using it. It becomes second nature. Just a small pea sized piece and 30 seconds of massaging it into my hair, allows me the freestyle I want for the entire day. Then, because it’s water soluble, rinse it out as the day is done and carry on.


Shaping and waxing our beards and hair is one thing. But the products we use to keep our hair clean and healthy is another big part of it. After all, making sure the hair is healthy to start of with is the base of any foundation. Luckily for us, Uppercut have thought of this too. As they now cater for shampoos, conditioners and face washes. After all, they produce products to go into our hair, it’s only fair they provide something to help remove it. The whole kit and caboodle are available online, at uppercutdeluxe.com.

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Combining the techniques of well managed, clean and healthy shampooed hair. With the natural, non-girly smelling face wash (another fantastic Uppercut Deluxe product I personally use on a daily basis). To the wonderfully versatile Uppercut Deluxe Matt Pomade allowing me the flexibility to style the hair the way I want. Gives me the confidence to walk outside every morning with a big cheeky grin on my face, knowing that today is going to be a (as the Aussies put it) g’day.
Uppercut Deluxe, as a result, has gained a huge following in the few years following its start-up, becoming one of the most recognised brands in the barber industry. To view all of their products, gain an insight into their workings and history go to their website at – uppercutdeluxe.com or follow Uppercut Deluxe on Facebook @uppercutdeluxe. Both these sites provide some great insider fashion tips, deals on new content & how to videos, to gain your next new style.